888 Poker Tournaments Review

Tournaments are the lifeline of a poker room. Many players join a site after looking at how good the tournaments are. Some tournaments might offer direct cash prizes, while others may act as qualifiers to bigger tournaments. You get every kind of tournament on this site and they even allow you to create your private tournaments.

Daily challenge series

At 888 Poker you have the chance to win big everyday. There is a daily challenge series whose combined monthly prize money is worth a million dollars.

  • You start of the week with magic Monday where you have the Monday twins Challenge: Royal and Monday Twins Challenge: Flush. Both the tournaments are worth $10,000, and allow you to win a lot more as well. The buy-in for both of them is $20 + $2 and the satellite (similar to a qualifying tournament) starts from $0.99.
  • After magic Monday you have Terrific Tuesday where you can win $25,000. The buy-in is $100 + $9 and the satellites starts from $2.
  • Then you have Wonderful Wednesday challenge where you can win $15,000 with a buy-in of $25 + $2.5. The satellite rounds start from $2.75.
  • This is followed by thumping Thursday with a prize pool of $30,000 and buy-in of $12 + $1.20. The satellite round starts from $0.99.
  • Fruity Friday challenge has prize money of $25,000 and buy-in of $30 + $3. The satellite round starts from $0.99.
  • Sexy Saturday challenge is worth $30,000 with a buy-in of $50 + $5. The satellite round start from $0.99.
  • The biggest tournament is the super Sunday challenge with prize money of $100,000 and a buy-in of $82 + $8. The satellite round starts from $1.95.

Bonus freerolls

There are many freeroll tournaments at 888 Poker. As soon as you make your first deposit, you get a seat in seven $500 freeroll tournaments. Apart from this, you will also get a seat in a $1000 freeroll. Even when you invite a friend, and that friend makes an account and deposits then both of you get a seat in a special $1000 freeroll.

Freerolls through rewards

You get a seat in different reward freerolls based on how frequently you play. Blue level players have access to $75 daily freerolls only. As you move up, you start getting access to $100, $200, and $300 daily freerolls. Gold members have access to $4000 monthly freerolls. The top most status players have access to $10,000 monthly freerolls as well.

Other tournaments

888 Poker has many other tournaments. There is the double or nothing sit-and-go tournament. In this format there are 8-10 players per table. Every time a player is eliminated, the winning player takes the loser’s buy-in. This doubles the winner’s money.

You also have the option of creating your own tournament. You just have to go to the Private Games tab and select the ‘New Games’ option. All you need to do after that is fill the time you want the game to start, the game name and a password.