888 Poker Rewards Program Review

888 Poker is one of the top poker rooms in the world in terms of player traffic as well as quality of service. They have a great rewards program that will help those who play consistently at 888 Poker. Every time you wager money in a ring game, in the casino or take part in a tournament, you earn some status points and rewards points. The better your status level is the better the rewards you can get.

How does it work?

The rewards program at 888 Poker has 10 statuses:

  • Blue
  • Iron
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP
  • VIP Diamond

When you join the site, you start at the blue level and then work your way up by earning status points. You need 10 points to reach Iron, 25 to reach chrome, 50 to reach copper, 100 to reach bronze, 500 to reach silver, 1500 for gold, and 4500 for platinum. The VIP level requires 60,000 points and the VIP diamond level requires 350,000 points.

The status points for non VIP bonuses need to be collected in a month. When you reach the status level, you retain that level for the next 30 days. At the beginning of the month, your status points are reset. For the VIP levels, you need to collect the points in one year. After you attain a VIP or VIP diamond status, you retain it for an entire year.

Benefits of the rewards program

You get various benefits like cashback, and participation in freerolls. Here are the benefits for every status level.

Cashback: When you start playing at the blue level you only get cashback of 2%. This remains the same for iron, chrome, copper, and bronze level as well. At the silver level you get a cashback of 4%, 9% at Gold and 18% at Platinum level. At VIP and VIP diamond level you get cashback of 27% and 36% respectively.

Freerolls: As you move up the status ladder, you start getting access to more freerolls. At the blue level you can take part in the $75 daily freeroll. Then you have $100 iron freerolls, $200 chrome freerolls, and $300 copper freerolls, which are all daily freerolls. Bronze and silver levels give you access to $750 and $1000 weekly freerolls respectively. You get access to $4000, $7000 and $10,000 monthly freerolls when you reach the Gold, Platinum and VIP statuses respectively.

888 online store: When you climb up the statuses, you also get reward points. You can use the reward points in 888 online store. iPads, Swarovski crystals and poker accessories are some of the products in the store.

Earning status points is the key to climbing these levels. When you contribute $1 in the rake, you earn 2 status points. Also, for every dollar you pay as the tournament fee, you are awarded 2 status points. You can also earn a status point by wagering $16 in casino games while playing through your poker account.